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The standard plan is $199 per month and it allows you to get even more data about your competitors. You don’t need to be a techie or an expert in SEO to use it. You have to create a free account and verify your domains. Serpstat can help you detect these types of links, so you can take appropriate action to remove them and prevent Google penalties. Once you’ve got backlinks driving traffic to your site, you’ve got to start monitoring them, so you can keep an eye on their quality. Why it’s best for experienced users: Its keyword research tool is well known in the industry, and it has one of the most extensive crawlers, second only to Google’s. It’s a good alternative to premium backlink checker tools. The platform’s backlink tracking tool is particularly user friendly, with an intuitive interface and clear, easy to understand reports. Wondering how to disavow backlinks. It covers diverse aspects of SEO, from link building to competitor analysis, keyword research, and more. For more advanced backlink analysis, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the paid plans. Then there’s the Startup plan $25 per month for 2500 monitored backlinks, the Business plan $49 per month for 5000 monitored backlinks, and the Agency plan $99 per month for 10,000 monitored backlinks. However, after I tested out the trial, I decided to get it, since there is a refund period. Majestic stands out due to its in house metrics.

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Many famous online marketers use it. Read more about Linkody. If Google notices something unusual, it is bad news. After adding your websites to your Zutrix account. By measuring how authoritative your competitive space is, you can quickly derive whether you need more backlinks or if you should look at other aspects of SEO in order to rank higher. Software and App Landing Page Theme. Whether you’re focused on managing your own backlinks or gaining valuable insights into your competitors’ strategies, a trusted backlink checker tool provides all the necessary ingredients to boost your SEO efforts. Thank you to the translators for their contributions. Its Site Explorer tool is a goldmine – digging up, dusting off, and laying out a smorgasbord of backlink data. The quality of your links has to do with the reputation of the websites linking to your site. It also helps you when conducting link building along with link removal as needed. Find quality backlinks, discover your competitors’ anchor text profiles, and uncover new sites for link building campaigns.

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SE Ranking offers three pricing plans. Get the latest content to your inbox every month. You will be able to see all of the latest backlinks to your site. LinkMiner is a modern powerful backlinks checker tool that allows users to find and evaluate the most powerful backlinks for their website. This type of content might still work. Also, we will shed light on the concept of effective manual and automated monitoring methods, tools, and techniques for analyzing best backlink monitor software your backlink profile. Best Tools For Analyzing Link ProfilesSelect a tool that is suitable for the task. I was prepared for a hugely complicated dashboard full of confusing graphs and numbers that make no sense without spending days educating yourself on what is what and what it means. By having this data you can now show and monitor the impact that organic and viral social media has on ROI and data driven metrics. Simply put, it’s way better to get 50 links from 50 different websites than 1000 links from the same domain. The worst thing you can do to throw all your hard work behind SEO into a trash bag is to build suspicious backlinks with no healthy purpose. Picture managing a bustling spaceport. If you notice any links to sites that appear suspicious or of low quality, take immediate action and use Google Search Console’s disavow tool to protect your rankings.

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With the ability to access all these key features and tools you’ll be able to really bring something to you link building efforts. To start your audit, use backlink manager software like LinkChecker Pro to crawl and analyze your domain’s backlinks. Moz Pro is a backlink tool that offers valuable insights for improving your website’s link profile. These tools can save time and improve the overall health and reputation of your website’s link profile. Having dofollow links from low quality websites can also affect your website’s performance in SERP. In that way, you can glean ideas on how to overtake the competition. Rank higher in Google Maps. So, take a look at some of the following outreach tools to make your life just a little easier.

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Fill out the form below click here to start our conversation. It helps you uncover critical SEO issues with your web pages and offers actionable recommendations for improvement. Quench your thirst with SEMRush’s potent features. “SEO Backlink Monitor” has been translated into 2 locales. This is one of the most comprehensive backlink analysis tools out there, giving you everything you need and nothing that you don’t. What’s Different About It. This tool is made user friendly. Image via LinkChecker. I have an internal team who takes care of SEO, but I need to know the outcome of their work. Tracking can help you with this any day of the week.


Competitor Analysis and Market Research Tools — to dig into competitors’ strategies and identify opportunities to outperform top ranking sites. So, pay attention to the nature of your links to maximize your SEO efforts. This backlink tool is actually great and pretty powerful running off Ahrefs’ engine. And while sure, sometimes I disagree with the content published on those sites, I wouldn’t call them bad domains, they just have a few bad writers is all. It is packed with features and functionalities designed to make link prospecting in depth, accurate and less time consuming. Import backlinks from other sources in the CSV format. In many cases site owners will be happy to do so. So you have to start by collecting data from Google Analytics. “This page” = External backlinks pointing to a specific page 2. The tool enables you to keep track of all your backlinks, get notified once any of them will be lost, and will bring them back to life. The tool is currently missing some sort of spam filter or spam rating but the developers tell me it’s on the way.

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Daniel Urmann is the co founder of Diib. Top leaders in the category for Backlink Monitoring software are Searchmetrics, Serpstat, Luminati. Use proxy tools to find out where your IP address is or to get a daily proxy list for free. Download our Wallpaper App from Google Play Store. Each tool is a crawler. You can expect to learn. The best thing to do is to gain dofollow backlinks from relevant pages and nofollow links from publicity websites. Here’s why: You don’t yet have any links pointing to your website. When it comes to backlink monitoring tools, no list can be ever complete without SEMrush. It also gives an overall link influence score, which it calculates based on the quality and quantity of links. If this is the case, you may find that the monitoring features these sites offer are enough. You can customize them with the help of an easy to use filtering system. So for this test, I added a link to each of the four test sites from a new page on a partner website.


Its major features include email reports, SEO metrics, link analytics, link visualize, export to Excel and PDF, easy link management, new links discovery, Moz data, multi user support, and an easy Disavow tool. There are several backlink checker tools out there, ranging in price and capabilities. It includes almost all the main features. Close deals faster by understanding your clients well. Even worse, the document it gave me contained nearly 20,000 words, including the full text of 10 competing articles. This plan lets you create three campaigns. But some of the sites had literally millions of links. With Sitechecker, you can quickly and easily import important links from Ahrefs or GSC, saving you time and effort. Backlink monitoring tools tell you this information.

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Keyword Surfer extension: Uncover insights on search volume, keyword suggestions, visibility metrics, and related terms using the Chrome Surfer extension offered by the tool. This software automatically makes the disavow file required by Google Search Console to remove backlinks from your page. Both, however, have their merits. For enterprises that need lots of features, certain plans may be in excess of $300 per month. The software was designed to guide the process of quality backlink analysis to help you build a data driven link building strategy. In fact, you can use it to monitor competitor links as well. Every website is unique, but it is still helpful to see how you are performing versus similar websites. They automatically scan the platforms where your materials are posted, assess the “health” of this network, and signal any problems. Pricing: free $578/mo. You can also download the useful Quick SEO Chrome extension. I Hope you’ll include more links in the near future.


There’s also the option to generate a disavow file that you can submit to Google but think carefully about whether it makes sense to disavow or remove bad links. In addition, its dashboard offers you all the information you seek in one place. If your website sells financial software, a backlink from a cooking website will be less valuable than a backlink from a blog post about financial planning. Its features include a comprehensive site auditing tool, keyword research, rank tracking, content optimization, social visibility, Google Penalty prevention and recovery, in depth backlink analysis, etc. Why is this info so valuable, you ask. You can think of this platform as a personalized data scientist. With our Backlink Checker, you can easily monitor backlinks for a particular domain. And with the available reports you can easily keep track of your online activity.

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Several backlink monitoring tools can be used to manage a website’s live link profile. Consider factors like domain authority, page relevance, content quality, and linking page speed. You can then check more information about the campaigns in the dashboard. They mark your website and pages down as useful or relevant to others. While its link database isn’t as substantial as some other tools, it offers excellent value for money when you consider all of its other functionality. It’s actually a built in guide for your website, as it will tell you what and where to do it. This tool, however, doesn’t bring any in depth analysis of your backlink profile. We offer a free trial so you can be sure that Diib will work for you before you become a Pro member. Google Analytics GA complements GSC and allows you to monitor content performance: you can use GSC to address back end issues, see how you perform in search engines, and see high level site traffic — then you use GA to dig into site traffic, user activity, and individual page metrics. Search Console features include.

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I checked this tool to analyze the backlink profile of shoutmeloud. By using this data, you’ll be able to reverse engineer what your high ranking competition is doing, allowing you to move to the top of the SERPs. They detect new and lost backlinks on their own, and run their own indexes in an effort to mimic Google Index. If your site has lots of low quality backlinks or spammy links, your SERPs rankings will suffer. Now that you know what backlinks are and how to build them, the next step is to start monitoring your backlink profile. This system allows you to check daily if a link is no followed for more than three days, and helps you to find answers as well to your overall profile.

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Build complex interactions and animations without even looking at code. Plus its ability to find new links is unmatched. For this example, let’s go ahead with “shanebarker. Unlike the old DA, this new Domain Authority filters out spammy links. It shows metrics such as your site’s linking history, the quality of referring domains, backlink quality, top linking countries, TLD distribution, IP and C block analysis, linked pages summary, and anchor texts. For smaller teams working to a budget, this is a great place to start. 67/month billed annually. The site audit tool crawls your entire website to create a coverage report by monitoring search volumes, organic traffic, impressions, and clicks, highlighting indexing issues and technical errors. Keeping tabs on which links are helping you, and which aren’t, lets you optimize your SEO strategy.


It’s also a reliable keyword research tool, presenting a dashboard that displays the progress of a website’s average keyword position along with new backlinks and organic traffic from search engines. Use the Linked pages tool to find out which pages on your site get linked to the most, then get to work on similar content. Licenses are then offered from $50 to $400 per month. Try SE Ranking for free here. Semrush is among the best backlink analysis tools for enterprises as the pricing is on the higher side. So we can better understand how visitors use our website.

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Serpple assures broad coverage in backlinks, with its Engine Overseeing 99% of monitoring backlink data. Hi Brian, I think is fast due to his 2. It’s never been easier to monitor your backlinks than with LinkChecker Pro. If you’re serious about your link building and SEO strategy, then backlink monitoring is a must. Backlink analytics is a one stop for you to: ● Check website backlinks and domain authority to get only high quality links ● Strategize on your link building campaign ● Analyze every page linking to your target page in the detailed reports. There is a lot more Ahrefs can do, including site audits, content suggestions, and helpful analysis of your site or another’s. RankActive enables you to track your competitors’ backlinks to learn more from your competitor’s strategy and improve your SEO campaign. Contact Searchmetrics to receive a quote. Link Context is a feature unique to Majestic. With their most inexpensive plan, Lite, you’ll have access to all the backlink information you need, and can even set up campaigns groups of websites to track and monitor growth over time. Dofollow links are valuable for SEO, as they signal to search engines that your content is trustworthy and relevant. Or Sign in using your credentials. One way to assess authority is by looking at the domain’s trust flow and citation flow. Get started in minutes no software, proxies or programming required.

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You should steer clear of backlinks that have anything to do at all with blog networks. On the other hand, someone that runs a resource page with 50+ links is going to be super receptive to your outreach. Take advantage of the Serpstat backlink search tools. You can see how many backlinks your competitors have for each page of their site, how many visitors they get from those pages, and where they’re coming from keywords. Make some time in your schedule to regularly check the backlink profile of your competitors and search for broken links. To do this we must analyze the responses and the possibility of indexing. This helps you identify their strengths and weaknesses and find opportunities for link building. Whereas Ahrefs is a comprehensive SEO tool, Majestic SEO is a backlinks specialist. With its easy to use interface and reliable information, Hunter. You can also check URLs for crawlability, indexability, and presence in Google’s index. Link Context is available right now, on ALL Majestic subscription plans. Additionally, backlinks monitoring over time can give you insight into which links to keep and which ones might need to be replaced. Pricing: Linkody starts at $14.

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No problem simply input the domain of the site you want to track into the backlink monitor and see a breadth of data about their backlink portfolio. These warning signals represent potential issues that could hurt your rankings. For example, maybe a sketchy looking domain linked to you, but upon investigation, you determine that it’s a legitimate site you just didn’t know about. Digital Marketing Masters On Staff. Monitor the link activity of various websites, including those of competitors. Now, doing this one by one would take years 🥱. This is useful for tracking how much you’re spending on links, and you can use the other metrics SE Ranking provides to see if the efforts are paying off. Enter a domain address to get ideas about its authority, backlinks, ranking keywords, and inbound links. Start your free trial. If you are struggling to build high quality backlinks organically, you can consider using a reputable service to buy backlinks from authoritative sources. These are previously linking sites that removed your backlink. Build complex interactions and animations without even looking at code. If you’re looking for a very simple, very straightforward and free plugin that does one job but does it well – check out SEO Backlink Monitor. Depending on how often you post, you could publish several dozen pieces before looking back and realizing many of them were a mistake.