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9 web developer portfolio examples to inspire your own

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It’s a great technique to shock visitors and create a deeper mark in them. He’s also highlighted his social media profiles to encourage users to connect. Maxime’s minimalist one-page interface proves equally effective as some of the more design-heavy portfolios on this list.


That’s an idea you can steal if you haven’t worked at any companies yet but want something to put on your portfolio. It’s totally fine if your “About Me” section looks like a mini resume. In some cases, technical recruiters might look at your Github repos and scan the code you’ve written. But your portfolio also needs to be comprehensible to non-technical staff, which means that you need to describe your projects in simple terms.

Create a Library Book Collection Application Project

These effects work together to make the website as aesthetically pleasing as possible, drawing users farther into other areas of the site. Edit ✏️ There are many reasons to create a portfolio as a software developer. You might be new to the career and need a way to represent your capabilities. You might have worked exclusively at companies that firewall your work examples behind non-disclosure agreements that protect their intellectual property.

While front-end developers build the look and feel of a website, backend developers work behind the curtain. They build features like data storage, security, and other functions invisible to the average user. With each project in your portfolio, it’s important to include a descriptor of what the project is.

If you continue scrolling, web developer portfolio examples find a contact form for potential clients and links to his social media profiles. Visitors can navigate his web developer portfolio by controlling a car to explore each section, from his projects to social media links. If you’re an entry-level developer with little work experience, list open-source projects that you’ve contributed to.

Additionally, you might learn something new while making it. I hope these portfolios serve as an inspiration and that you are now prepared to create your own. Check out the KnowledgeHut Front End Development Course to develop a deeper understanding of front end development and upskill yourself with cutting-edge technologies.

How to Become a Software Engineer

However, this mindset can lead to rejected applications and frustration. With that in mind, here are 15 backend projects to show potential employers that you can apply your developer knowledge to the real world. Creating a CRUD app for your portfolio shows you understand the essentials of app development. Proof that you understand how to manipulate data structures is the goal. Here’s a tutorial for a simple CRUD app to get you started.


Jacek is a Front-End Developer located in Poland who has a passion for UI effects, animations, and creating intuitive, dynamic user experiences. First, it’s worth claiming a custom name for your own Software Engineer portfolio website. In a very practical way it’s essential to communicate and collaborate when you are working as a software developer. It can be challenging, particularly if you are working on your portfolio solo, to accomplish this.

What kind of software engineer portfolio projects to include

She has a specific connection to branding and font selection, but combines and applies all of her skills to each project. Learn about the Microsoft .NET architecture components and implementation in software development projects. First, you must create a section or an About Me page that includes a brief bio, preferably with an upbeat and friendly but professional tone. Follow that up with your contact details, such as an email address, link to your LinkedIn page, or a contact form. Add in the great font choice, the additions to the page as you scroll, and the simple colour scheme, and you get an awesome portfolio! I truly feel the connection to web dev, as he created a representation of him sitting at the desk with a few windows open—definitely my favourite part.

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An unopinionated experienced developer is more concerning than an inexperienced junior developer. To steal a term from UX, your own portfolio allows you to reveal information about yourself in the order and pace that you think is best. In all but the rarest of cases, recruiters are not technical. Don’t be afraid of adding a touch of personality to your portfolio. After all, we are all humans and we want to work with other human beings. If you like soccer or basketball and you’ve won some competitions, add it too.

This is where the real meat of your portfolio should be, and, depending on the type of work you have done in your career, it could be quite challenging to populate. Many of us spend much of our careers working on proprietary systems that we can’t talk about. Here we are thinking about a larger problem space, perhaps linking multiple services together, operating through the full stack , or building a framework or library. There are external considerations to consider, interfaces to maintain, and API contracts to be mindful of. While I don’t believe any one is better than the other I do think there are different modes of working that fit these names and we all move between them throughout our careers. If you’ve done anything that can be considered extraordinary, share it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Full Stack Software Engineer and “Based in India” cycle through the subtitle, which is styled as an active terminal. Anurag Hazra is a passionate self-taught frontEnd web developer from India, currently working at as a FrontEnd engineer. Adenekan is a Frontend developer and Javascript engineer, who loves Pop Music & Jazz.

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Like a map, Bruno has included direction to sections of the portfolio . Almost bringing the ultimate fun interactivity, Bruno has created an entire 3D animated world that users can explore at their leisure in a truck. In terms of design, Jordy’s portfolio is more basic than some of the portfolios featured on this list. A concise bio, links to his most notable projects, and social links. The theme of time continues with a timeline of work experience, which you get to when you scroll past the featured projects. As you journey down the single-page-website and move your cursor about, his skills, projects, and other elements gradually arrange themselves into shape.

Additionally, he makes great use of screenshots to illustrate his previous work, creating an attention-grabbing effect. One of the highlights is the project section, where each work is displayed in the form of playing cards with animation effects. Since the purpose of your portfolio is to get more clients, place a contact form prominently on your site.

Looking for .Net Interview Questions? Here are 12 to Practice For Your Next Interview

Then, architecture diagrams, Swagger documentation, and a link to GitHub cements that interest with technical visitors. Again, the aim isn’t to learn something new or solve some unique problem. You’re not making a startup here, you are demonstrating that you have the skills to deliver value and raise the level of engineer practice in a team or company. If you’ve never worked on the UI aspect of software, then that’s fine, make a library, an API, or an automated deployment pipeline. If you really can’t talk about the work you have done, then it’s time to turn to open source. Maybe you worked on the recommendation algorithm for Airbnb or the control software for a feature film or a big fireworks display.

Her Squarespace portfolio features screenshots of projects where she has done design, development and occasionally, logo design for. When creating a portfolio, whether for showcasing Python projects or frontend work, you often have to choose between a software engineer personal website and a presentation. Both the presentation and the software engineer website have benefits and drawbacks, though one brings more to the table than the other. If you need to create a portfolio for a software developer, here’s what you need to know. Even if you don’t have a catalog of web developer projects to show on your portfolio , it’s important to spend some time personalising your site. If people are impressed by your site chances are it’ll lead to something good. will want to know what skills you have, so remember to highlight the things that you think make you a great software engineer. Are you a TDD wizard, a Design Pattern guru, or a scalability ninja? If so, then those are the kinds of things to make prominent. Given the above, we can see that a software engineer is a developer, and a developer is also a programmer, but a programmer or developer is not necessarily a software engineer. It all depends on the context and scale of the work being undertaken. But ultimately, in my opinion, the engineering in software has little to do with the code you write and more to do with the whys behind the system you build.

  • Any text that pertains to the navigation of your portfolio should be simple and intuitive.
  • Olaolu is a Front-End Developer and UX engineer, and he has extensive experience as a developer.
  • Here you’ll learn about the backend of e-commerce applications.
  • It is a great example of how to showcase your skills and experience in a minimalist way.

Sara is another great web developer who has collaborated with companies like Netflix, Codrops, Smashing Magazine, and ESLint. To showcase his work, he uses a different section per job and uses a horizontal slider to show us pictures of the final products. It uses the fullPage.js component to achieve the stunning fullscreen scrolling effect that, in combination with the other animations, it gives the page a new touch. On the landing page, he uses a simple paragraph to describe himself and then has a small menu with the basic sections of the site. He keeps everything pretty minimal and makes sure the visitor focuses more on the content than on the visuals.

Instead of listing your skills on a resume in the traditional way, you can prove your competence with a personal portfolio. The time that it takes to become a full-stack developer is different for different individuals. Remember that you need to give yourself enough time to apply your skill in the form of projects after you’ve picked them up in a theoretical sense.

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