Our Promise !

What to predict at every Casa on Rent”

At Casa on Rent, we work hard to minimize any inconveniences throughout your stay. We have delicious cuisine, a committed support staff, free maintenance, and your pocket friendly.


Hassle-free Stay

Regular Housekeeping

Free Maintenance

Yummy Food

Caring Staff

Affordable Price

Our Rental Property


Choose Your Home

Environmental Solutions

We care about the environment, that’s why we use LED lighting and do not allow any kind of pollution like noise, smoke etc. in any of our properties.

Our Premises

In our rooms, flats, etc., you will get all the facilities that you want and that too in your budget. And maybe this kind of facility is hard to find anywhere else

Safety and Security

Reliable round-the-clock surveillance by a security system using modern technologies.

Great location

We select the location of all our properties where it is most needed. By which people can easily get the facility of market and transport etc.

Guaranteed Saving

We would give rooms and facilities to all our renters at a low price, which would increase their savings, which is difficult to get anywhere else.

Management is simple.

You just rent a House or Room, and a “casaonrent” professional will do the rest for you. That amounts to little more than garbled words

Our Rental Services

"Partner, you've come to the proper location."

Everything we’ve accomplished over the last few years has been made possible by the work and support of the people we Your investments are in good hands.are proud to call our partners. You’ve come to the right location if you too want to high profits from your property, locate captive main space for your goods or services, and/or give your people the finest possible quality of life.

Your property is now in better hands.

We have a strategy for anything you’re looking to rent out, whether it’s a flat, a house, a building, an existing hostel or PG, or something else else. We can make your property a local landmark in addition to helping it generate income for you. Join together with us to convert your asset into a thriving company.

Take excellent care of your people.

You and we both have responsibility for your people. Let’s provide them with more than simply a roof and four walls. Give them a location where they will feel cared for. We’ll make sure they have all they need, from facilities to safety. And all you need to do to make this happen is work with us as a partner (and your people will thank you for it).

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